On your left-hand menu-bar, select the tab marked ‘Profiles’. This section brings together different profiles some of which have the visitor’s primary identifiers (email ID and/or phone number) whom we call Contacts. Additionally there are a set of profiles wherein we map the behavior of the visitor using visitor ID’s from the day the Shopify integration is enabled. However, these profiles do not contain a primary identifier through which we can reach out to this user. Thereby these profiles are identified as Anonymous Profiles.

Viewing the contact list

Your customer/contact list is accessible using the Profiles module. You can:

  • Search - Input a name or identifier to search for the customer

  • Browse - Scroll through the list and move between pages to browse your list

  • Filter - Filter between anonymous and identified users within specific timeframes

  • Segment - Filter your customers with different attributes, segments or events and save it as a segment.

Viewing the contact profile

Click the customer record in the list to access the profile page. You can view different data points in your contact’s profiles using the navigation here. Your contact profile will automatically expand and categorize your tabs as you add more data sources.

  • Attributes

  • Events (to be added)

  • Segments

  • Flows (to be added)

  • Campaigns

  • Tags

Exporting, suppressing and deleting your customer data

As part of privacy regulations (GDPR and CCPA), you are required to be compliant with data subject (customers) requests. To help you stay compliant, we provide you tools to export, suppress and delete data from your customer profiles.

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