To create a new SMS campaign:

  1. Click on ‘Campaigns’ under the Experiences tab on the left-side bar and ‘Start a new campaign.’

  2. Select the campaign type as 'SMS'.

  3. Select the target segment (group of customers you want to send this campaign to) and the phone number you want the SMS to be sent from

  4. You can select the 'unsubscribe text display' checkbox to add unsubscribe text to the end of your message*. This is optional. Click on Next.

  5. An SMS campaign builder will open up. Now you can design your campaign using ‘SMS Campaign builder’ and choose layouts from the vast library of pre-built SMS templates. They can be selected based on categories, types, and more.

    1. You can also create a brand new SMS template from the scratch. To do so, Click on Create New Template.

  6. In both cases, whether you’re using a pre-built SMS template or a new one, when you start creating it:

    1. Name your campaign

    2. Now, type or edit your SMS message

  7. Now, it’s ready to be sent. You can send it by clicking on Publish, then Publish Now.

    1. It can also be scheduled for later. To do so, click on Schedule Start and select the date and time.

    2. The SMS campaign can also be saved as a draft. To do so, click on Save as Draft.

* Selecting the 'unsubscribe text display' toggle will add unsubscribe text (STOP) to the SMS message. This means the customers will see an additional line in the SMS message you send and display - 'Reply “STOP” to unsubscribe.'

When any customers reply STOP to your SMS, they will turn off consent to 'Marketing' SMS from your store. In such a case, you cannot send marketing offers, promotional content or vouchers via SMS, to that contact. You can, however, share transactional messages such as order updates with them via SMS.

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