Moda provides you with ready templates for a host of different automation requirements. To explore them click on the Templates section in your left-hand menu. You will be led to a tab titled ‘Flows’.

Here, you can see the type of flows available, with a brief description. You can also see the related business goal, required integrations and communication channels used in each flow tile.

Looking for more? You can take a look at flow templates across different customer journey stages (journey stage), customer interaction goals (goals) and communication channels (channels). using the filters on the left. If you’re not able to find the right flow for you, the search tab will help you zero-in on what you’re looking for.

The ‘Groups’ filter comes with a list of use cases for flows which you can choose from. These include commonly used flows like welcome flows, abandonment flows, win-back flows and post-purchase updates.

Pick the flow that you want to start with. Click ‘Preview’ on the flow to get an idea of how it works and click ‘Use’ to configure it and get your first flow in motion.

Recommended Flows you must turn on

On Moda, start with setting up the most important flows for your business. Here’s a list of flows we recommend you begin with:

A welcome flow gives new subscribers (contacts) a perspective to understand and appreciate your brand, and its unique offerings and turns these visitors into customers.

This flow converts potential customers and existing customers with a high purchase intent at the right time. Having an automated flow to send abandoned cart reminders helps drive a store’s repurchase rate and build a strong affinity towards your products. Looking at ways to level up these messages? Recommend products that your visitors/customers have previously browsed.

Let your customers stay connected with your store after making a purchase by sharing tracking updates, tailored recommendations and exclusive offers. This helps turn your customers into loyal brand ambassadors.

Looking to set up these flows for your store? Moda’s in-app template library can help you set these flows live with a single click.

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