Profile insights help in marketing success by tracking contact engagement. You can track what your contacts are interested in, what pages and products they view, what they purchase or intend to purchase, and more, using Moda.

Contact Profile Data

You can view the activity of contacts who have already subscribed/signed up with your store in their contact profiles. This information is visible on a per-contact basis, indicating that you can see it on the contact profile of each individual contact. Events data will provide you with a view of your contact's profile that you can use for insightful marketing. Identify what your contacts like and prompt them with relevant marketing campaigns on those specific products. or offers.

In addition, you can conduct an in-depth analysis of your store’s most popular pages, and which products are trending by examining events such as page views, as well as those that receive insufficient interest. Analyzing contact behavior with Moda can significantly increase your sales!

You can view the emails, SMS, and flows sent to contacts. We support sent/opened/clicked events for all subscription channels (forms), campaigns, and automation.

Profile Overview


On Moda, you can view contact profiles by selecting a specific contact from the Profiles Section.

You can evaluate complete contact activity by exploring the various events, such as updated order, updated contact, add to cart, and viewed pages, among several others.

Here's what you can do by studying these contact events:

  1. Improved Customer Experience: With updated order and checkout information, businesses can keep their customers informed about their purchases and delivery status, which can improve their overall experience. Similarly, updated contact information ensures that businesses can contact their customers if necessary.

  2. Enhanced Personalization: With data on viewed pages, businesses can gain insights into their customers' interests and preferences, enabling them to provide more personalized recommendations and offers.

  3. Better Marketing Strategies: By analyzing the data from these events, businesses can gain valuable insights into their customers' behaviors, preferences, and needs, allowing them to create more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

  4. Improved Sales Performance: With information on updated orders and checkouts, businesses can identify patterns in their customers' purchasing behavior and make data-driven decisions to optimize their sales process.

  5. Improved Data Management: By keeping track of these events in a contact profile, businesses can maintain accurate and up-to-date customer data, which can improve their decision-making and overall business performance.

Custom Summary Information

The right-hand area showcases unique information for your contact, covering a profile overview, what segments the profile belongs to, channel-wise marketing consent, and the device in use.


The Overview properties are created automatically for each contact in Moda upon their first interaction with your store. The date recorded indicates the time of the last recorded touch point the contact has had with your store i.e. when the recipient opened or clicked an email, visited your website, made a purchase, and other details related to the account.

The following data can be viewed:

  1. When the contact was First Seen

  2. When the contact data was last updated via the Updated Date

  3. Last Order ID of the most recent order

  4. The amount spent by the customer to date under Total Spent

  5. Total Order Count from the particular contact

  6. Unique Shopify ID of the contact

Profile Properties

The right-hand information section also includes various other contact profile parameters, including:

  1. Tags: Build better segmentation for your contact base. Enhance targeting based on specific attributes, interests, or behaviors, enabling your business to create more targeted and effective campaigns.

  2. Profile Properties: The actions of a user on the store/website, such as filling out Signup forms or Checkout information, can be used to collect profile properties. These properties are picked directly from your Shopify store.

  3. Segments: Numerous behavior-specific segments facilitate monitoring and enhance user experience. Identify which group of contacts, an individual profile belongs to by looking at the segments in which this contact is included.

  4. Consent: Obtaining the required consent from individuals before sending marketing communications via email ( Like Newsletters, Discounts, Product launches, etc) helps to avoid spamming and other undesirable practices. It also helps businesses to maintain a good sender reputation, increase email deliverability, and build trust with their audience. Take a look at each contacts subscription status for different communication channels.
    Customer consent rules differ between email and SMS. It is essential that you comprehend these distinctions in order to comply with international laws while also maintaining a positive relationship with your customers.

  5. Devices: The role of a device in a contact profile in an email campaign is to provide information about the device used by an individual to access their email. This information can include the type of device, such as a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, and the operating system and browser used. By tracking the device used by each contact, businesses can optimize their email campaigns for different devices and ensure that their emails are displayed correctly on all devices.

    This can improve the user experience and increase engagement rates. Additionally, device information can be used to personalize content and offers based on the preferences and behavior of individuals using specific devices.

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