Integrating Gorgias for a workspace
Learn how you can set us Gorgias, the customer service helpdesk, on any workspace in Moda.
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Moda provides all workspaces with the pre-built capability to integrate various data sources to bring a more holistic view of a brand’s marketing initiatives to the table. One such Integration that Moda provides is for Gorgias, a popular customer service desk for Shopify users.

Before you set up Gorgias

Ensure that you are on a paid Gorgias account to connect it with Moda.

What you can do with the Gorgias Integration

Bringing data from Gorgias allows you to see the following events in your customer profiles:

The following event properties are available for use in filters:

  • Ticket Subject

  • Ticket Status

  • Ticket Created Time

  • Ticket Closed Time

  • Satisfaction Survey Score

  • Ticket ID

  • Ticket Escalation Channel

Setting up the Gorgias Integration

To get started using Gorgias on Moda:

  1. Sign in to your workspace and head to the ‘Integrations’ tab.

  2. Click on the tab titled ‘Apps’

  3. Select gorgias from the list of apps

  4. Authorize Moda to access the details of your Gorgias account via OAuth.

  5. Voila! Your workspace has the Gorgias ap connected. You should see the tickets coming into your workspace with a summary of the number of events captured on Moda.

Using Gorgias for better segmentation

Understand how your audience behave by using the above filters to create super specialized segments. You may also use these filters to create detailed flows

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